For Buyers

Buyer Timeline

A successful real estate transaction hinges on numerous details involving deadlines that must be met so that you can move into your new home as soon as possible. Here's a checklist to help you stay organized.

To do: Date Completed
Conditional Loan Approval From Lender  
After Contract Acceptance  
Receive Seller’s Disclosure(usually within 5 days of acceptance)
Signed, returned to agent
Set inspection(s) date and time
Attend Inspection(s)
Written notice due – all items from the inspection that you wish to be repaired (no later than 10 days after acceptance)  
Insurance (You are required to arrange for insurance coverage and to inform your mortgage company of your agent’s name and phone number). (no later than 10 days after acceptance)  
Association CCRs received
Review of CCRs with your agent (within 5 days of receipt)
Title Commitment received  
Within 5 days Before Closing  
Transfer Utilities:
Signing Scheduled
Attend Signing
Arrange for Money to be at Title Company in advance of closing
Attend final walkthrough  
Closing Date
Date of Possession and delivery of keys

Please note: During the loan and home-buying process, you will be asked to supply documentation, respond to phone calls requesting information, schedule dates into your calendar, etc…. Please respond quickly to these requests so that your transaction does not encounter problems.
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