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Karen Kay's  Real Estate Investment Services are based upon a detailed Personal Financial Assessment for each Investor.

Real estate is a fundamental asset. Whether it's your own home or an investment property, real estate offers you significant long-term investment potential. And real estate can also help you diversify your assets to protect against volatility in the financial markets.  


Karen Kay is an investor buyers’ broker. Karen represents investors who wish to purchase income property, or, more usually the case, multiple properties. Simply stated, Karen Kay are not a typical residential realtor.

Karen is a consummate realty professional who continually analyzes the Arizona real estate market. She analyzes components such as the cost of homes, the rental rates in a given area, the costs of financing, property taxes, freeways, access to shopping, insurance, general expenses, management of the property and leasing. From this, her tailored programs have the ability to identify where in Arizona investments in single family homes will produce positive maximum short term benefits (positive cash flow and potential tax benefits) for the investor. More important and the main reason for investing in real estate is the long term benefits of the expected appreciation of the investment over our recommended 3 to 5 year holding period. Karen will assist you in locating, negotiating and acquiring real estate investments that will work. She will also will supply you with investment analysis that will support your informed decision to invest!